CYCLE SOLUTIONS - Getting Bikes To Work!

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Our shop is focused on fun and practical cycling - transportation cycling, family cycling, commuting, cargo bikes.  Cool stuff like that. 

Our current hours are available on our BLOG:


Our shop is located at 968 NW Circle Blvd here in Corvallis - that's behind Citizens Bank, and just a couple of doors down from Papa Murphy's Pizza in the Richey's Market/Rite Aid area.

You can get our information-rich email newsletter by sending me an email.

We're a low-key, family operation.  If you are new to bikes, or an old pro, you'll find we're very easy to get along with.  We're here to help you get your bike to work!

Give us a call at 541-738-0502 for more information, or to schedule service.


Dan and 
			Ezra on the Xtracycle in front of the Wonder Truck

Phone: 541-738-0502